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I’ve reached 100 followers. This is my official thank you to all of you.

I’ve spent a lot of time watching videos and reading articles about “how to grow my website”, “how to grow my brand”, etc. What I’ve found is a lot of tricks and tips about how to feed these algorithms the correct way in order for my content to show up in front of the peoples eyes for the quick 5 seconds before being scrolled past and forgotten.

The way I feel is, fuck the algorithm. I don’t want to grow into some hip, corporate, AI buzzword fulfilling writer just to get my page ‘ranked’ on Google. I want people to support this little community that is hvoide because they want to. 

Which is why I appreciate you all so very much. There are a million things to look at on this app and on the internet in general. So much dopamine to fill your brains with – the crashes, dances, challenges, pranks, drama, etc etc. For you to spend a few minutes reading these words really means a lot to me. My writing and photos and short videos are not much, but I am proud of them. I am thankful for anyone who’s taken any time to look at any of my work. Thank you. I am looking forward to the future.

If you came here from IG and have not done so already, please subscribe. It means more than you think. You’ll get 2 emails a month, max. Tell your friends about us. Thank you again.




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