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The West Coast has something cooking. You can smell it from Blacks to Rincon. Here’s your personal invite to the BBQ.

In 2010, California saw 7 surfers on the World Tour – plus a wildcard in Timmy Reyes. The surfers were: Dane Reynolds, Taylor Knox, Bobby Martinez, Pat Gudauskas, Brett Simpson, Tanner Gudauskas, and Nate Yeomans. The following year had 4, plus Bobby getting kicked off, or quitting, whatever it was. There have been a couple of mainstays since then – Kolohe, Conner Coffin, Nat Young, Pat Gudang, Simpo and Kanoa (if you want to count him), but we haven’t topped that overall total since 2010. I’ve got a feeling that could change soon. 

Not that the World Tour is the end-all, be-all, but you would think we could have been represented a little better out there. Would have been nice. We’ve had 2 wins – 3 if you want to count Kanoa’s, from California representatives on Tour since 2010. Kanoa’s was 2019, and Griff’s last year at Portugal and then El Salvador. Sheesh.

Forget the competitive thing though, we’ve had some proud products to come out of here. I shouldn’t need to list off Californian surfers, shapers, or companies for you to be aware of this, but here are a few born from this turf: Channel Islands surfboards, Oneill, Futures Fins, Clark Foam, Dane Reynolds, Sean Collins & Surfline, Joel Tudor, Ryan Burch, Volcom, Vissla, Robert August, …lost & Mayhem, – the list is vast. 

So in our new day and age of this Content Matrix Machine, we’ve got quite a few Californian things that should grab your attention. Check them out below.

2 Percent Surf – San Clemente’s tight knit crew of up-and-comers have a rad new page where they keep the content flowing. Including the likes of Crosby Colapinto, Cole Houshmand, Kade Matson, Jett Schilling, and Taj Lindblad, they also run with the big boys Kolohe and Griffin when they’re in town. At least 3 Two Percenters will be surfing on the CS later this year, possibly 4. These kids are having so much fun, I heard Kolohe say at Bells after his Round 1 win that if he did fall off tour, he wouldn’t mind grinding it out on the CS with this crew. A whole younger generation is being introduced through 2% as well, groms like Hagan Johnson, Hayden Rodgers, Dane Matson, Rex Hennings, and Luke Wyler. It’s pretty cool. Follow their IG @ 2percent_surf and Youtube page

Morning Mixtapes – “Support Local Talent” is the tagline of this core surf page run by filmmaker and editor Joey McGlaughlin. Putting out videos since 2021, if you have a look through the IG you can visibly see the improvement in the content. Bringing us a new crop of subjects, the starring surfers have a bit of an underground feel, which is nice and refreshing. Seemingly mostly out of Newport Beach, we see features from Sage Burke, Parker Cohn, Griffin Foy and the recent focus, Ty Burgess. You might have seen Ty’s latest edit recently on Stab, but if not, check it out. The Cylinders section was my favorite, fantastic song choice.

Outreach Surf – An intriguing new project brought forth by Tanner Gudauskas and Alex Kilauano of Aloha Visuals, Outreach is “Surfing’s Call Back”. These two take us on adventures through the used board buying program, scouring Craigslist for hidden treasure in a series titled ‘Finders Keepers’. “Finders Keepers is born from an obscure love for used things. Surfboards, cars, cameras, power tools which is an endless search”. There’s been one episode so far, plus some extras that came after. You can watch them here. It’s worth your time. Get the gears spinning.

BeachHead – Ian Crane’s brainchild has probably been on your radar already. You have most likely seen The BeachHead movie. You might have already copped some swag, since they’re sold out. And maybe you’ve already visited the site to read Ian’s own words and browse through his photo galleries. This is just a reminder. I went to a new video premier party the other day, it was a great time. Part 1 of a 3 part series ‘Brain Bust’ should be on your internet’s front door any day now. 

InherentBummer & IBLIVE – One of my personal favorite happenings around town, Inherent Bummer is a lot of things. Thought provoking writing, core surf videos, music connoisseurs, cooking tips, you name it. If you’re not already onboard then you’re late. A big motivation and influence for myself. Check it out, read ‘Dear Surfing’. Thank me later. I went to an IBLIVE show, the first one. Check out the photo page here, and don’t miss the next one.

The Couch Surfing Show – This one is sick. A live, traveling broadcast that shows up to random beaches in the OC area to film and commentate. Not contests, though we have seen a scrimmage, it’s mostly just live free surfing with different random guests from the area being interviewed on the ‘couch’. Of course there’s a slight tilt towards surfers with talent, so don’t just show up and expect to get clips. So far their guests have included: Kirra Pinkerton, Logan Dulian of the Snapt films, Matt Biolos, and quite a few more, across locations like: Huntington Beach, Newport, and San Clemente. I thoroughly enjoy this content. Really gets some ideas going. 

I’m sure that I am leaving more than one other thing out, but that’s just a little taste of what’s on the grill out here in my zone. It’s got me very fired up. I feel like the local high school football team is 4-0. It’s motivating the younger generations. I’m expecting nothing less than greatness in the near future. I can hear you chanting along with me – U-S-A! U-S-A!



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