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It feels like the Woz is playing Deebo from the movie Friday

In this scene, we – the general audience – would play Red. His dad, driving the car, would be BeachGrit. Finally, Deebo is representing the Wizzle. 

Now, the bike is clearly a symbol. The bike could be depicting the time we would like back, countless hours of being “on hold”, just to get called off.

Could the bike be symbolizing a simple request for not having a wave pool on tour? Maybe we would like our own expectations back, after being led by Surfline to believe every Whistle event will be held in good conditions and cranking swell?

Perhaps we are hoping for some transparency, and a few answers to our questions. You know, like how did they calculate this number of people on the beach in Portugal? Or, who were the surfers that requested to wear Bethany Hamilton in honor of International Women’s Day, only to be denied? Were any of Hamilton’s questions even answered? 

Oh. That bike. Didn’t know you wanted it back, homie.


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