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I am closing in on my goal of 100 days surfing for the year. Currently sitting at 96, I’m sure to break this within the next 2 weeks. (2 weeks for 4 days? I know. That’s fucked. I’ve got work, and I generally don’t surf on the weekends. Give me a break. Only 3 days left this week.) While I know that’s not a lot, it’s by far the most I’ve surfed in the last 3 years, possibly since my kid was born. He’s 5. I’m stoked on the feat.

The timing couldn’t be better. I’ve got 19 days left until I start a real job, so it’s looking like I won’t be adding any days to that surfing goal for next year. More like subtracting. We’ll see.

With that deadline looming, I’d like to really enjoy myself for the next couple of weeks. Try to take advantage of this last breath of fresh air. Revel in the ocean. Surf for way too long. Watch the waves roll in on the sunset, mind surfing the white capped, blown out trash. Take photos and marvel at the unknown local rippers. Look for an unfamiliar wave. And most importantly, appreciate the post-surf meals.

There’s not much to compare it to – getting your choice meal after a shred; salt strewn eyelids, sun baked face, wet, sandy hair, worn out body, stoked attitude, a ravenous appetite and a wide open menu. It’s kind of like you worked hard all day to earn that feast, yet you didn’t. You just got done stuffing your face with waves. Now it’s time to double down; it’s chow-time. 

What would be your choice meal after a surf? I’ve got a few basics that I generally stick to, but I do venture off a little bit. We’re talking about a full-on plate, not just a snack to get you through until lunch time. Here’s my list of classic favorites.


Carne Asada is usually my go-to, but here and there I’ll opt for some Carnitas or something different. Depends on the spot. This is a solid option to make at home for yourself too. Chicken is usually the cheapest. 


I don’t get to eat pizza much, my lady and kid are both allergic to gluten, so when I do, I really enjoy it. This is the go-to option when surfing with friends. I’m not going to act like I know much about Za at all. I’m no connoisseur. But, we’ve got good pizza here on the West Coast, regardless of what they say over there on the Right Side. Tough to make a nice pizza at home. You probably already have a good local joint in your head right now.


This is my personal number one choice. Another great option to make at home too. Hot, quick, tasty, customizable, and filling. What more can you ask for? Side note – I used to (mistakenly) pronounce this MUH – SUE – BE. Don’t do that. I’ve since learned it is MOO – SOO – BE. I don’t make the rules.


I’m going to use a word/phrase that I actually hate. It just fits for this “meal”. The Acai Bowl is the new bougie option for surfers. It will be remembered in time as a fad similar to Jan’s Health Bar. That’s what the Acai Bowl is for surfing. They still taste good. And I guess it’s healthy. Stop by your local outdoor mall Farmers Market and grab one.

PB & J

Battling it out with the Spam Musubi for top dog, the PB & J is the all time classic. Plain and simple. As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Take it with you and enjoy it straight outta the water if you’d like. This one may not have won top honors, but it will never be defeated (by much). 

HONORABLE MENTIONS – Poke, Tacos, Hot Dog, & Bagel (for those dawn patrol sessions) 

And there we have it. My personal selections for post-surf meals. At least that’s the classic, day-to-day stuff. I’ve got a whole different take if we wanted to talk specifics. Say if I was sitting down for a lunch meeting after a surf or something. Straight to the Loco Moco. Choo-choo. And yes, I did throw a Hot Dog in the honorable mentions. You ever get home from a surf, throw a Hoffy on the grill and turn on some daytime baseball? Try it out, see what it’s like to be American.

Drop a comment with one of your favorites, a classic or something more exotic. I need to expand my horizons. 



Drew Stanfield

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