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The more often I surf, the more I realize that accessories are a commodity for the committed. For example, if I have 20 ties, but I only wear my suit once a month, that’s a bit of a waste right? Right. Since I’m in the water a lot nowadays, here’s a list of accessories I have recently realized I might need to purchase. 

Changing Mat

One thing that simply cannot be avoided is sand in your wetsuit. At some point in its lifespan, it will slowly but surely start to collect grains in the small little holes of neoprene. Nothing can be done about this. What you can escape from is getting oil, rocks, leaves, debris, and anything else from the parking lot gravel onto and into your suit. Here’s where the changing mat is essential. I previously used a big plastic bin, sorta like a giant plastic tupperware. That broke, and now I’ve been standing on a towel. I’d wrap the suit in the towel after changing, and be on my way. The issue is that the towel absolutely reeks after about 3 days. So now I’ve resorted to a home depot bucket. My feet hate to squeeze into that thing. More often than not I just change on the towel still, and throw it in the bucket when I’m done. Towel still stinks. What I need is a changing mat that will double as a dry bag. Something that can be wrapped up and carried with my board rather easily, for those surfs where you have to trek to and from the beach.

This might work.

Surf Watch

I hate to be the guy to ask, but I really need to know the time. I’ve got places to be, man. I don’t wear watches much anyway, so it’ll come off as soon as I’m out of the water, but it would be clutch to have. For now, I’ve just been gauging the time in my head. Sketchy. It’s been quite a while since I’ve dawned a real ‘surf watch’, but in my memory banks, my old ones used to break rather easily. I remember a few going out that I thought were my fault because I kept them on in the shower and the water was too hot. I think I’ll give one another go.

Changing Towel/Poncho

I just got out of the water and it was raining. Not a more ideal time than that for a changing poncho. Would have been nice. Instead, my sweatshirt got soaked. I do think this is more of a seasonal accessory, you obviously don’t need to change out of your trunks after a surf if you don’t want to, so it might get put away for half the year. Nonetheless, where I am located, we’re getting closer to Winter than further, so I’m adding this to my wish list for Santa. Might buy one for myself before he shows up though.

This is me. This is what I look like.

Board Sock

I think I might have talked shit on these in a past post. If so, I rescind my comments. I’ll have to look. My original thoughts about board socks were that they don’t protect your board from dings like a board bag, and they are a bit of a hassle to put on. Seemed like more negative than positive. Like I said though, I’ve been surfing a lot. Recently I’ve just been leaving my board in the car all day long. Wax is everywhere on the interior. I don’t care that much, but my lady does. Along with that, the wax does get a bit melted on occasion. I do put a towel over the board, but it can still get hot enough to get gooey. I can always tell the following day when half of the wax is sliding off the board in the lineup. Obviously a board sock isn’t going to solve that issue, but it should make the misses happier. Read here for anything wax related. I’ll report back after testing out a sock.

Roof Racks & Straps

This was the last on the list purposely. I added this for some motivation for myself. I figure if I go out and buy some roof racks, I’ll finally put together that little surf road trip I’ve been talking about for years. I mean my car fits all of my personal boards fine. I would only need the racks if I’m bringing friends or family along, which is part of the plan. If you have a truck, you can obviously disregard this last item. One of my buddies has a Tacoma with a shell over the bed, however, and he still rocks roof racks for the logs. Not a necessity, but a useful accessory for a traveling surfer (which I am trying to become).

Here are a few extras you will probably need at some point. This list is for me just as much as it is for you. Please feel free to add to it in the comments below.

  • UV Ding Repair Resin
  • Earplugs
  • First Aid Kit
  • Wax Comb
  • Sunscreen (I don’t use it)
  • Lockbox (if you need it)
  • “Portable Shower” (I use a laundry detergent bottle)

I tried to stay away from anything gear related. I think that’s another category, those aren’t accessories. I’m talking about traction pads and leash strings and performance related items. I shouldn’t have to give you tips on those.

Waves have been fun. Hope you’re in the water. That’s all for today. 



Drew Stanfield

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